You think I would learn already

Its called “fractured bone spur tip of olecranon“.
It means I’ve got a broken bone in my elbow area. My arm is in a sling and immobilized. Got it while sparring at a karate tournament. Landed hard on my elbow due to a slippery floor.
Of course its my right arm, the one I write with. I am typing this with one hand, using the hunt and pick method. Seriously need voice IO for machines. We collectively as an industry need to get going on meaningful interaction modalities for those without two working hands etc.
Really looking forward to air travel next week. And booth setup/teardown at HPC on Wall Street :(. TSA is never fun to deal with on a good day, and knowing some of their recent past history, I could easily imagine them wanting to unwrap my arm so they can make sure I am not a risk.
[Update] Here’s the image

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