Do we really have enough native STEM workers in the US?

Yes, actually we do. Too many. Turns out that little law of supply and demand does in fact hold true. The higher the demand for something in limited supply, the higher the price (wages) you will pay for it. By applying forces to this law, you impact a number of outcomes. That is, if you […]

Why I am taking a while to post the results

In short, I am trying to verify what we measured. Its repeatable, I’ve been measuring it for a week now, and having trouble with it, but I want to make absolutely sure I get this correct. Because these are big numbers. Very. Very. Big. It would be annoying if I made a mistake. So I […]

Social Media Overload

Definition: When the amount of social media that everyone expects you to consume with a myriad of different, incompatible, and often annoying apps, absorbs so much of your time that your productivity drops … you decide that in the interests of your own personal sanity, you will spend more time with your family, your dog, […]

It must be some obscure law of nature

… whereby when I have the least time to spend on a particular task, there is an ordering of requests that I maximize the time spent on that task using the least efficient mechanisms possible. Put another way, when I am busy, more people seek more of my time to handle things that I shouldn’t […]

Back with some benchmarks for siCloud

For the day job. They are … well … pretty nice. What is siCloud you might ask? Well, think a very … very fast storage and computing cloud, leveraging many technologies we’ve developed. You will be hearing more about this soon. And I’ll show some numbers and pictures in another post. But before I get […]

Again, terribly busy

Have an order which is absorbing all of my cycles, and this is coupled with a nice springtime cold, and an elbow injury. Now if my dog bites me, my month will be complete. Will start posting soon, once I get the the burn-in running. To give you a sense of the size of this […]

Off to HPC on Wall Street

Looking forward to this. Our booth is smaller, but in a higher traffic area. We have 2 systems with us, a siFlash and a 60 bay JackRabbit. And we are putting together a small get-together after the show. This should be fun. I am looking forward to it. I’ll try to tweet from the show […]