ISC13 video

[vacation edition: posted from an undisclosed location somewhere off 9A in Fishkill NY, after leaving a really bad airbnb experience in Scarsdale NY] Here Russell from Scalable Informatics and Rich from InsideHPC (check em out!) talk about STAC M3 benchmarks, siCloud (aka ‘the beast‘), and some of the capability class tests we ran. More later, […]

Two screwups in two days

So the day job released some PR. I paid attention to the content, but not to the title. Unfortunately should have. We set records for the 2.8 version of kdb+. The title suggests otherwise. Call this a Mea Culpa, as I had approved the content before I saw the new results with the 3.1 version. […]

Crazy travel schedule ahead

Off to Chicago tonight to present at the STAC Summit tomorrow. Then meeting customers on Wednesday, phone calls, and a partner event. Thursday, back to Detroit, then I fly out to NYC to meet customers on Friday. Back Saturday morning for our national karate tournament (and I am very behind in my practice) for our […]

You can’t make this stuff up, 10-June-2013 edition

“We don’t want to tax all businesses out of business,” Obama said. “But we do think that there’s a role to play for government.” Link here. Don’t want to tax ALL businesses … out of business? Just some of them? Are you mad? Are you freaking kidding me? Pulling my leg? Very sad. Very very […]

STAC M3 Audited report is now published

See here. Take home message Delivered the fastest response time in the NBBO benchmark compared to all publicly disclosed results to date for all systems (STAC-M3.?1.1T.NBBO.LAT2) Delivered the fastest WRITE results compared to all publicly disclosed results for all systems (STAC-M3.v1.1T.WRITE.LAT2). Among systems using kdb+ 2.8: This system set new records for 5 of the […]

The big test to which I’ve alluded

… finalizing the text on this, link up soon (its up but hidden from view). The response from people who’ve seen it has been awesome. More very soon. Today, I hope. Viewed 61013 times by 6698 viewers

STAC M3 benchmarks to be published tomorrow

I’ve got a few things to add to the report today, and then we will have the STAC group publish the report. Performance is … er … very … very … good. A few tests which won’t favor our design as compared to massively wide striped disks were better on other kit. But I am […]