STAC M3 Audited report is now published

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Take home message
Delivered the fastest response time in the NBBO benchmark compared to all publicly disclosed results to date for all systems (STAC-M3.?1.1T.NBBO.LAT2)
Delivered the fastest WRITE results compared to all publicly disclosed results for all systems (STAC-M3.v1.1T.WRITE.LAT2).
Among systems using kdb+ 2.8:
This system set new records for 5 of the 17 benchmarks (STAC-M3.?1.1T.NBBO.LAT2, STAC-M3.v1.1T.WRITE.LAT2, STAC-M3.?1.10T.STATS-AGG.LAT2, STAC-M3.?1.10T.STATS-UI.LAT2,STAC-M3.?1.1T.STATS-UI.LAT2).
Delivered over 2x the performance of the previous best published results for the MKTSNAP benchmark, among systems using spinning disk or flash storage. (STAC-M3.?1.10T.MKTSNAP.LAT2)