STAC M3 benchmarks to be published tomorrow

I’ve got a few things to add to the report today, and then we will have the STAC group publish the report.
Performance is … er … very … very … good. A few tests which won’t favor our design as compared to massively wide striped disks were better on other kit. But I am blown away at how our little 2 socket server did in comparison to other, better known kit.
I’ve also got to tune the spinning rust version. Our server blew up over the weekend, motherboard blown. I had to replace it Sunday. Had a half day of tuning with that, for a system with a 40 minute runtime on that box. I know we can do better on that version, but we need a stake in the ground, so we are putting it out.
But this is the first of many, and we are going to do what we can to help automate all of these tests.