Two screwups in two days

So the day job released some PR. I paid attention to the content, but not to the title. Unfortunately should have. We set records for the 2.8 version of kdb+. The title suggests otherwise. Call this a Mea Culpa, as I had approved the content before I saw the new results with the 3.1 version. So the PR went out, and I think I’ve got egg on my face 🙁 . It was too late to stop it, so I guess I have to chalk this up to “learning” … and hope our partners are not too pissed with me for this.
If that was the only screw up, I’d be ok.
But its the second one that I’m gonna call amateur hour on.
I had a note from our domain registrar that our domain, was up for renew. I had it down to renew on Saturday.
But it wasn’t Saturday. It was midnight, last night.
So emails started bouncing. And people couldn’t get the web site.
So over a hurried coffee this morning, I re-upped it and set autorenew. Called the registrar, and within a few seconds, everything was working.
Yeah… that was an amateur mistake. Bad Joe. Bad bad Joe.
Domain now autorenews.
Meanwhile the Blackhawks and Bruins are gonna fight it out in game 1 tonight, and I’m gonna miss most of it.

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  1. Hope you get some rest. Interested in your results on KDB+ 3.1; hopefully you can talk to them on Monday.

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