A cri de couer for Perl

As seen here. I enjoy developing code in Perl. I know, I know, its “the write only language” and “looks like line noise”. It has endured some rather nasty FUD in its day, and yet, it keeps on growing in use. It is just an incredibly powerful, quite expressive language. One which enables you to … Read moreA cri de couer for Perl

and the M&A accelerates

NVidia grabs the Portland Group. This makes sense, as NVIdia has had CUDA, which is LLVM based, and needed a more general purpose compiler technology. There is nothing wrong with CUDA, but its very GPU specific. PGI tech allows them to talk very generally, and get support for non-GPU hardware acceleration. Such as massive collections … Read moreand the M&A accelerates

Part of the reason why Detroit has a long rough road ahead

is due, in significant part, to bad law and bad policy enshrined in law. Ideological view points are hard coded in the firmware of Michigan. Which allows lawsuits and results such as this. It cannot be overemphasized how bone-headed this particular law is. That one can never, under any circumstances, reduce pensioner benefit values. This … Read morePart of the reason why Detroit has a long rough road ahead

… and bang goes Detroit …

This brings me no joy. I went to grad school in Detroit. I like this city. It has character, it has guts, it has potential.
It also has no cash to continue operations. And that sucks.
Detroit filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy a few hours ago.
There are many reasons for this, but there are a number of specific ones, that are generalizable to businesses as well.
First, population decline has led to a tax revenue decline. Detroit is no longer a large US city. Population is hovering just over 700k people, and dropping rapidly. Fewer people means smaller tax base. One may argue about the collection efficiency (low) and other issues, but the point is that to collect a fixed/growing tax revenue amount from a smaller group of people means you raise their tax rates. Detroit has not been in a position to absorb tax rate increases in several decades.

Read more… and bang goes Detroit …

M&A roundup

I’ve not reported it, but STEC was acquired by Western Digital. STEC has been one of the day job’s partners for high performance SSD technology. Unfortunately, we’ve not had great luck with WD in the past. Even gone so far as to recall/replace specific models from every machine shipped globally with those drives, due to … Read moreM&A roundup