Dear NSA PRISM folks, we have a problem we need your help with

A scammer has been spoofing the day job’s number for the last year and a half. We’ve have been trying … very hard … to get anyone at all, to cooperate with us to try to find out whom these losers are, so we can take them out.
We have had no luck. No one wants to help.
No one. Even execs at phone companies. Go figure.
One kid called last year so incensed that his mother was targeted by the scammers that he said he was going to get a gun and go meet with these jokers. Ever try to talk down an excited teenager you don’t know who thinks he is protecting his mother?
Ok NSA, since my tax dollars are paying your salaries, you work for me. I am your boss, like it or not.
I want you to help me figure out whom these bozos are. I will sue them into oblivion. I just need you to help me find them.
Its time to do something productive. Help me. Contact details at the day job. You know where it is. Lets do this before someone actually gets hurt.
Sadly folks, this is not a joke, it is not humorous.

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