The day job is 11 years old

Last year, I had been incensed at this time, by a US presidential candidate and mindset from him who told me, and every other entrepreneur out there, that “we didn’t build it”. It was a foolish thing for him to say, foolish for his party and fellow travelers to echo. Yet echo it they did.
I quietly promised myself to double down on my hard work, the work I did, and see if I could smash the previous years smashing financial records. A sorta “right back atcha” to him and every other person with that execrable viewpoint.
Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 11th year of profitable and growing operation of Scalable Informatics. As a private company, we don’t release financial information. I can say we hit our hockey stick though.
As I wrote:

All in all, I am happy to note we are going to hit our 10 year mark.
So we can write wonderful platitudes about this. High minded posts about entrepreneurism, and all that.
But this would minimize the reality that we?ve fought for every parcel of land, dodged bullets, adapted (rapidly) to market changes, dealt with competitors and partners (with some partners knifing us in the proverbial back).
Getting to 10 hasn?t been easy, and some might point out that its still 15 days away.
I?ve seen other bright people start up similar businesses and fail. Others less bright, but with more luck, succeed. Luck matters. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not.
But getting to 10 is more than just luck. There?s got to be something else to it.
Some would argue ?helping hands? but, as noted before, this simply isn?t reality, and is more of a failed narrative from a failed source.
So as I survey what we?ve accomplished, what we?ve won, what we?ve lost ? the hard choices we?ve made, the luck we?ve had ?
? I realize that there are no guarantees in life or in business. We?ve taken (sometimes) huge risks. And sometimes we?ve gotten nice payoff from that risk. Sometimes not.
Business and success are impermanent ? ephemeral even. As with evolution, you have pressures. You adapt to changes, or you die.

I am lucky. I have a supportive family whom helps out. I have a wonderful team that has doubled in size in the last 12 months, and likely will double again as we open our NY area facility. I have wonderful customers whom look past our small size, and focus on what we can do for them, and are building businesses atop what we do for them.
If my information is correct, one of them de-cloaks on Friday. I expect our hockey stick to have a hockey stick then. This is the thing I’ve been dying to talk about. Once it is fully above ground, we’ll start talking about it on the day job blog.
Our technology is second to none, and few people we talk to really grasp what we do. The results speak for themselves though, and its the results that matter in the end. Our systems make other vendors software positively roar. And this is not lost on a number of our partners, nor our competitors.
We’ve been underestimated, overlooked, pushed aside, run over, … everything you can imagine as a small business operating in the rough and tumble world of full contact business. We brush ourselves off, stand up, and get right back in the game.
We’ve been approached for possible purchase multiple times from multiple sources, over the last year. Obviously we are still independent, so you can guess that the offers were … er … not satisfactory. Usually from companies that don’t grok what we do, the value we bring, and have their own view of the world which is not well aligned with ours.
I expect year 11 to be an even wilder ride. We’ve shown top of heap scores and set multiple records in audited standardized benchmarks for some of our customers most interesting scenarios. We’ve demonstrated sustained bandwidth and IOP rates that many competitors could only dream of.
And I want to be absolutely clear on this.
We are not done. Oh. No. We are not done.
We are just getting warmed up. Expect more soon.
Very soon.
Our 11th year should be a prime one for us (did you see what I did there?)
As I wrote

We had our first customer in 15 days.
Our second in 30 days after starting.
Now here we are 3652 days later. Going from a skim over the water at slow speed, to 45 degree attack angle and full throttle about 5 years ago, then 60 degree attack angle and afterburners lighting off, pressing us back hard in our seats just a few years ago ? to low earth orbit and warp cores spinning up now.
Yeah, we built that.

We are now at 4016 days and counting. Pushing past warp 2.
And we are accelerating. Hard.
I can’t guarantee that we’ll succeed. We are at some hard inflection points in growth curves, ones that have a nasty tendency to destroy companies if not managed correctly. But we are getting advice and guidance from many quarters, have many wonderful customers, and a great team.
I somethings think back to my time at SGI as being one of the best in my professional life. My time now though, at Scalable, has been much better. I’ve learned, and grown with the company. I see challenges and opportunities. And I am doing everything I can possibly do to keep it growing, evolving, working with great customers, finding new customers, new partners, and just making stuff work, as fast as possible, without barriers.
To our 11th year. And our 12th … and beyond.
We did build that.