Why I’ve not been posting

Just insanely busy, more so than usual. We are getting close to double digits in employees in the day job. I suspect we’ll cross this in September/October. More news soon, including some wonderful new partners, products, and business bits. I won’t say where at this moment, but you can start searching around for the SI […]

Entrepreneurs are optimists

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. There are many reasons one might decide to be an entrepreneur. For me the journey was fairly simple. In graduate school, I saw the sea change in my field with the influx of FSU scientists with much greater seniority, many more publications, etc. […]

Day job at HPC on Wall Street

Ok, this is getting to be a common theme. We go to HPC on Wall Street. We show off new kit. And we are hosting a party. Go figure. There will be more on this very soon. You will see the new kit at our new large booth at SC13. The first element of the […]

NextIO shuts its doors and liquidates

As seen here and here. Born in January 2003, NextIO, based in Austin, TX, designed innovative PCIe I/O virtualization solutions with three products: vNET I/O Maestro consolidation and virtualization appliances, vCORE GPU consolidation products, and vSTOR I/O acceleration appliances. Its most recent vNET I/O Maestro provides server connectivity at the rack level to both Ethernet […]

I have finally given in to the borg collective

I am now on Facebook. Turns out my family and all my friends are there, so … … how soon before we have to change for the next great social network platform? I’ve got more than one Twitter account (@sijoe and @scalableinfo), a linkedin account, a google+ account (that for the life of me I […]

bitten yet again by ancient packages in CentOS (and RHEL)

This is not a CentOS issue in that they merely rebuild the RHEL sources without the copyrighted bits. But its getting to the point where the RHEL bits are so badly out of date, that the platform is rapidly getting to the point of unusability. When I have to rebuild packages from source, as no […]

When you cross the rubicon

… from hobby and sport, to something more. I’ve traveled 1k miles for karate tournaments (to participate). I have not, as of yet, crossed an international border for one. That changes tomorrow. I went through a promotion test last week with an injured intercostal muscle. This caused all sorts of joy … no really … […]

how not to write driver Makefiles or configuration scripts

if [`uname -r` eq …] Its very bad form to insist on very particular versions of an OS/kernel. Not only will you piss off your customer (me), you will cause a great deal of effort to unwind the ill-considered test in order to get even basic functionality. I’ve seen this on network cards, RAID cards, […]