Day job at HPC on Wall Street

Ok, this is getting to be a common theme. We go to HPC on Wall Street. We show off new kit. And we are hosting a party. Go figure.
There will be more on this very soon. You will see the new kit at our new large booth at SC13.
The first element of the new kit is a software defined networking powerhouse behind a new global financial cloud. The group building out the cloud will be there with us, ready to talk to people about what they are doing, and why financial types should sign up for this cloud. There will be PR on this soon.
The second is the first of a line of analytical engines built upon technology we’ve developed in the past, and a partners’ excellent software platform. They will be there with us in the booth, and are happy to talk about the advantages of their platform, and how it can be used to solve massive analysis problems. All it needs is massive unapologetic computational and IO firepower. Curiously, we have that … and you will see PR around this as well.
More later.