I have finally given in to the borg collective

I am now on Facebook. Turns out my family and all my friends are there, so …
… how soon before we have to change for the next great social network platform?
I’ve got more than one Twitter account (@sijoe and @scalableinfo), a linkedin account, a google+ account (that for the life of me I can’t really figure out), and now facebook. Not to mention 2 blogs (here and at work).
Happily I ignore most of it most of the time, and binge on down time. Though I do the blog bit more or less constantly. I simply don’t have time for twitter. Really. I’m in pure reactive event-loop mode with it right now, apart from when a bug gets in my bonnet. Linkedin is interrupt driven (maskable). Google+ is … well … whatever it is … and now facebook.
But the rationale for facebook was that my reluctance to join (not on principle, but on time constraints) only resulted in lots of family and friends gently nudging me.
My social media time is a zero sum game. I’ll keep blogging, but I’ve got to trade one thing for another. I am blown away by people like @jamesdotcuff and @jasonh whom seem to have time for it with their busy schedules. I absolutely have to find out the brand of coffee they are drinking, as mine is just not doing it for me …