NextIO shuts its doors and liquidates

As seen here and here.

Born in January 2003, NextIO, based in Austin, TX, designed innovative PCIe I/O virtualization solutions with three products: vNET I/O Maestro consolidation and virtualization appliances, vCORE GPU consolidation products, and vSTOR I/O acceleration appliances. Its most recent vNET I/O Maestro provides server connectivity at the rack level to both Ethernet and FC networks without the need for changes in governance models or proprietary, hard to support I/O drivers. The result was the elimination of expensive 10GbE NICs, FC HBA, multiple top-of-rack leaf switches, and “an up to 80% reduction in the number of cables at the back of the rack,” said the company.
It targeted customers were in HPC, financial services, oil and gaz, government, and MSPs

There are lessons to be learned, and wisdom had from the articles. As the founder noted

“NextIO was a great ride but a bad ending.”

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