When you cross the rubicon

… from hobby and sport, to something more.
I’ve traveled 1k miles for karate tournaments (to participate). I have not, as of yet, crossed an international border for one.
That changes tomorrow.
I went through a promotion test last week with an injured intercostal muscle. This caused all sorts of joy … no really … and had me think that I had a serious kidney stone flare up. The pain was in the same region, and toradol helped, which drew me to a rapid, and incorrect conclusion as to the pain.
I had to stop after my fifth fight, as I was basically unable to function. The pain just dropped me to the floor. Spent a night in the ER. A friend of ours was my ER doc, and was the one who did figure it out in the end. Sofia and he reviewed the video, and saw me take some hits, then a step, a twist as I was preparing a kick, and down I went.
This was not fun. Scared the crap out of me, and many others.
Doc told me to take pain meds (ibuprofen and tylenol), and stretch. Don’t let it stop me from moving. Turns out the worst thing you can do for this injury is completely rest it. You have to keep stretching. When I feel better I can go back.
Somehow the senseis took pity on me, and moved me up. I can’t have this happen again. 2 steps shy of black, and I need to work on many things. Like stretching. And core strength and stamina, so I can work through these aches and pains.
Remember I said cross a rubicon? Well, I went back last night, and tried my kata out for the tournament tomorrow. If it hurt I would stop. And I did stop some of the calisthenics. But the kata selected isn’t as stressful on me, so I’ll try it. I am actually worried about my bo kata, as I am carrying a several pound piece of wood as a weapon, and moving quickly with it. I have to be careful with it.
So, I jumped back on this horse as it were. Tomorrow, I drive south to Canada for the tournament. And this will be my first border crossing for karate.