Wonderful changes in Tiburon-RESTful

I’ve been rewriting Tiburon to provide a completely sane restful interface. It still does what it did before, but now … it does it so much more nicely! First: I got rid of the config file. Some folks were having trouble with JSON config files. Creating them is very easy, they are key value stores […]

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as Alaskan Malamute v0.10. I’m a dog guy, what can I say. Hopefully full boot server semantics will be done by end of weekend. Viewed 79693 times by 6411 viewers

Starting to really enjoy using MongoDB as a document store

There are a few gotcha’s that I am working through. But apart from these (mostly oddities in the interface between Perl and MongoDB), this is making Tiburon RESTful development go much better. I’ve just started to scratch the surface of what the combined thing will do. landman@lightning:~/work/development/tiburon/t$ ./version.pl result = $VAR1 = ‘{ “version” : […]

… and Nirvanix shutters …

Traction, paying customers, revenue and cashflow are what matter to small businesses looking to grow up. In many ways we (the day job) were lucky as we built a sustainable business first, with real customers and real revenue. Most startups don’t do that. They have a change the world idea, and then try to evangelize […]

Worlds first low latency cloud

PR from the day job. Remember I’ve been dying to tell people about the ultra cool project we’ve been working on for the last year? Well, this is it. More soon, but I am thrilled we can talk about it now! Viewed 64628 times by 6222 viewers

Why is Java used in teaching programming in high schools?

Seriously … My daughter is taking a computer class, and for reasons I cannot fathom, they are using an AP Java book (an old one at that, written when Java 5 was new), and more importantly and more concerningly, the Java language itself. I’ve got many qualms about using Java for teaching (or development, but […]

Slight annoyance with argument processing

Tiburon as a service. I’ll talk about this at some point, and describe what I mean, but I have to say that I’ve been blown away by the response to it from many places and customers. I’ve been working on making the API restful, and finally … finally … incorporating a noSQL DB on the […]

Bitten by VirtualBox yet again, moving to kvm

I like VirtualBox. Have for a long time. But it has some … well … interesting failure modes. Including some that have locked up my host machine. The problem for me is that I’ve got my Windows desktop environment for my normal desktop hosted there. And I need this every now and then. Today was […]

More M&A

Two items. 1) our friends at Virident are now part of WD. I am happy Kumar, Yatin and crew got a nice exit. I am not thrilled at where they landed. Virident joins STEC at WD. But as with STEC, this looks like this is on the HGST side of things, which appears to still […]