Starting to really enjoy using MongoDB as a document store

There are a few gotcha’s that I am working through. But apart from these (mostly oddities in the interface between Perl and MongoDB), this is making Tiburon RESTful development go much better. I’ve just started to scratch the surface of what the combined thing will do. landman@lightning:~/work/development/tiburon/t$ ./ result = $VAR1 = ‘{ “version” : … Read moreStarting to really enjoy using MongoDB as a document store

Worlds first low latency cloud

PR from the day job. Remember I’ve been dying to tell people about the ultra cool project we’ve been working on for the last year? Well, this is it. More soon, but I am thrilled we can talk about it now!

Why is Java used in teaching programming in high schools?

Seriously … My daughter is taking a computer class, and for reasons I cannot fathom, they are using an AP Java book (an old one at that, written when Java 5 was new), and more importantly and more concerningly, the Java language itself.
I’ve got many qualms about using Java for teaching (or development, but thats for other posts). For new students, early exposure to its rigid and verbose … one might argue … excessively verbose … syntax and structure, don’t quite lend themselves to an understanding of how algorithms and computers work. When you are lost in the minutae of class construction and debugging, you often can completely lose your way from the path to solution. Relatively minor changes in data structures require often significant/major rewrites of various objects.
Why on earth would anyone want to be subjected to that?
Though I occasionally grimace at using Python, it has much goodness, and little of the cruft of Java. Perl (with Moose and other element), Node, Ruby, and a few others would all be far superior in getting students to the thinking stage faster than the twisting turning maze one finds themselves in with Java.
To their credit, they are using the bluej system. This is something like an ide, though, as with all Java, the sheer amount of boilerplate code you have to write to get anything done is simply ludicrous. Press the button for a class creation and it spits out this:

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More M&A

Two items. 1) our friends at Virident are now part of WD. I am happy Kumar, Yatin and crew got a nice exit. I am not thrilled at where they landed. Virident joins STEC at WD. But as with STEC, this looks like this is on the HGST side of things, which appears to still … Read moreMore M&A