Definitely having one of those days

Massive frustration on multiple fronts, and a few unwelcome surprises. I wish I had karate tonight, and fight night in particular. Lots to work off. I’ll have to be satisfied with weight training tomorrow, and a nice long dog walk tonight.

More M&A: Microsoft buys Nokia

This one was almost obvious, it was simply a matter of “when”. Microsoft is trying to put some wood behind its Mobile OS arrow. No one seems to want it, save for the 41MP camera “phone”.
In the big picture, Microsoft saw the beginning of an erosion of its market power recently, as more people opted for mobile platforms, and fewer opted for PCs and laptops. There is a convenience and cost play going on at the same time.
Not to mention that you don’t really need to install software on your device, you can use apps “in the cloud” with a good web browser. Or a native client, talking to the same back end that the cloud apps talk.
So your need for Microsoft products was just diminished.
This has been brewing for a while. Cash cows can be ridden only for so long before you need to creatively destroy them.

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Latest DeltaV benchmarks

24 bay system, big RAID6. Reads/write 4x RAM size. [root@dv4-3 ~]# df -h /data Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/md2 55T 65G 55T 1% /data … WRITE: io=65505MB, aggrb=1580.2MB/s, minb=1580.2MB/s, maxb=1580.2MB/s, mint=41433msec, maxt=41433msec READ: io=65505MB, aggrb=2429.4MB/s, minb=2429.4MB/s, maxb=2429.4MB/s, mint=26964msec, maxt=26964msec

Spot on discussion of a fake crisis

Over at IEEE Spectrum, there is a wonderful article that delves into the latest phase of the alleged massive need for more STEM workers. This is a topic I’ve covered a number of times, here, here, here, and here.
TL;DR version for newbies: If someone is trying to sell you on this to get you to decide to go get an STEM degree, then there’s a pretty good probability you are in the process of being deceived. There is no large pot of jobs at the end of this rainbow. Actually, quite the opposite.
Longer version: Economics works, whether or not you want it to. This causes massive frustration in a number of political an policy circles … as their theories depend critically upon that not happening. Which should tell you something about their theories. But that is a digression.
Basic economics articulates a law of supply and demand. Tight supply and strong demand means higher prices. Excess supply and strong demand yields stable or weakly falling prices, and excess supply and weak demand yields falling prices. You don’t have a choice in this matter. This is how markets work.

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