First distributed file system for STAC M3 benchmarks

We ran the STAC M3 on a Ceph based storage cloud appliance you will be hearing more about soon. The report should be up on the STAC site later this week. Here are some of the take-aways: STAC has just released a STAC Report covering audited STAC-M3 Benchmarks of Kx Systems kdb+ 3.1 hosted on […]

But, of course

So I ran out of space on my travel laptops small SSD. I wanted to update to a larger SSD, and I figured I’d move my partitions over and resize. But the gods would not allow for such an operation as they have in the past. Oh no. Upon switching out the 120 GB Intel […]

Our little time series analytical appliance is one fast monster

Running some burn in testing: Run status group 0 (all jobs): READ: io=523296MB, aggrb=12093MB/s, minb=12093MB/s, maxb=12093MB/s, mint=43274msec, maxt=43274msec WRITE: io=523296MB, aggrb=7469.4MB/s, minb=7469.4MB/s, maxb=7469.4MB/s, mint=70059msec, maxt=70059msec More soon Viewed 85210 times by 6657 viewers

This week past has been (mostly) incredible

Feeling not happy about my time away from my family, and not happy about Vipin’s time away from his, we still accomplished a great deal. Some unhappy things I still have to deal with, and I will soon. But this has been a great week. Look for some announcements around the SC13 show. We will […]

And the benchmarks are out

Check out the official site for more info. Take home messages for the soon to be announced system This system set new records for 10 of the 17 response-time benchmarks, including: * 40% faster than the next best result in the high-bid search (STAC-M3.?1.1T.YRHIBID.LAT2) * 30% faster than the next best result in the daily […]

New benchmark results imminent

Will update once they are released. I can’t tell you numbers within. I can say that we are quite happy with the results. More (very) soon. I promise. Viewed 82895 times by 6734 viewers

This would be funny if it weren’t sad

Over on the pfSense mailing list there is a serious level of tin-foil-hat (TFH) and rampant paranoia, coupled with extreme lack of etiquette on the part of the TFH brigade. And, to make it more enjoyable, at least one overt and humorous case of attempted cyber bullying against me personally for imploring people to stop […]

Starting to build the Tiburon Data Store

This is fun, basically something that I’ve wanted to do, and it gets me closer to the point where I’ve wanted to be for a while … building TREDS (Tiburon REliable Data Store). Code is up in the IDE, and I am building the CRUD and metadata portions now. If all goes well (it never […]