At the STAC Summit in NYC, presenting our Time Series Analytics Appliance

This was a good meeting in general. Lively panelists, focused panels, though somewhat vendor heavy in a number of cases.
I have a sense of a “Gandhi” experience in progress from the parallel file systems panel. 4 vendors, one user. The user was fantastic, and the vendors were pushing most of their own stuff.
One vendor in particular took some not too thinly veiled shots directly at us without naming us. I mean, they were aimed dead on to our discussion. The must not have liked what our benchmark numbers said. Oh well.
Gandhi said something akin to

First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.

We’ve been ignored for a while, I mean, this tiny little upstart … who the hell thinks they can upset any apple carts or take business away from the big boys?
Then they laughed at us. Our obviously inferior technology. Seriously, them?
Then they fought us.
This was a losing battle on their part. Seriously, arguing that several hundred … almost a thousand spindles were required do do what we could do far more simply, cost effectively, and performant in 64? Sad.
I didn’t return direct fire. I didn’t need to. Our numbers spoke for us.
The response was quite positive (during the networking sessions).