But, of course

So I ran out of space on my travel laptops small SSD. I wanted to update to a larger SSD, and I figured I’d move my partitions over and resize.
But the gods would not allow for such an operation as they have in the past. Oh no. Upon switching out the 120 GB Intel SSD for the 240 GB SSD (spare unit we had), and putting the 120 GB SSD into a USB 3 holder, I discovered that a) the drive wouldn’t register with the machine most of the time (it errored out during SCSI plugin detection), or b) when it did detect properly, it wouldnt provide partitions I could copy off.
So I reloaded the unit with the larger SSD. Interestingly enough, unlike the Intel 120GB SSD, Linux can now see the SSD. I think that SSD is flaky, and once I can get it back up, I’ll erase it and RMA it. Or just RMA it (nothing important is on it)
Very annoying though. But since I treat my laptops and desktops largely as clients, and keep important stuff backed up elsewhere, its a minor issue, apart from the re-assembly configuration.
And it does this the day before a presentation is due. Yeah, I really have to stick to my guns about not making changes to systems before big events. I argue about doing this every now and then, and then I let my guard down and WHAMMO.