This would be funny if it weren't sad

Over on the pfSense mailing list there is a serious level of tin-foil-hat (TFH) and rampant paranoia, coupled with extreme lack of etiquette on the part of the TFH brigade. And, to make it more enjoyable, at least one overt and humorous case of attempted cyber bullying against me personally for imploring people to stop hijacking a technical discussion list, as well as people decrying a faux oppression from people whom are genuinely wanting the list to return to its technical roots.
Its … well … amusing … at some level.
pfSense is a fantastic tool. 2.1 is a great step up from 2.0.x. The people hijacking the list are, I guess, the price to be paid for free discussion. But I don’t have to listen to, nor read their inanity.
Happily, there are gmail based email filters. And I created a brand new tag called “tin foil hat flame wars” where I redirect the content free people.
FWIW, the person attempting to cyberbully me is known for his lack of etiquette on the beowulf list. Doesn’t bother me much at all.
Finally, I’d like to note that how one conducts ones self on the interwebs is a completely valid thing for potential employers to search for. Such folks are likely to self identify. As they largely have.
It in no way reflects upon pfSense, which is an awesome tool. Its that there are elements of the mailing list that many appear to wish went somewhere else to have their confab of TFH-ism.