Big data languages: the reason for the tests

In a number of recent articles, I’ve seen/read that “Python is displacing R“, and other similar things. Something about this intrigued me, as I had heard many years ago that “Python was displacing Perl”. Only, it wasn’t. And others are questioning the supplantation premise quite strongly. It seems that there is little actual evidence of […]

Riemann zeta function in parallel/vector data languages

Continuing the work of the previous post, I looked into rewriting the serial code to run in parallel/vector data languages. My original supposition about what would make a good data language is now in doubt as a result. First, I used PDL in Perl. But its Perl, right? It can’t possibly be fast. That would […]

Knights Landing

Over at InsideHPC, Rich has a short take on Knights Landing with a link to the longer article. This is implicitly the direction I thought things would be going in … drop in replacement CPUs to provide acceleration. Probably some big-small designs to handle OS tasks on specific cores (and reduce OS based jitter). This […]

… and OCZ goes down

see here This is a chapter 7, dissolution, not a chapter 11 restructuring. Assets to be sold, likely to Toshiba. As previously reported, the Company is not in compliance with certain of the operating ratios and covenants in the loan agreement. As a result of such action and pursuant to Hercules’ written instruction, the depository […]

I guess no one at the beobash saw the 10% discount link …

Basically, if you go to this site, provide your information, use the code “beobash13”, you get a nice discount on your next purchase from Scalable Informatics until the end of 2013. The rules are simple. Basically you provide your contact information, let us know what products you want to talk about, buy them and pay […]

SC13: the Limulus boxen appear

[Disclosure: we do have a business relationship with Basement Supercomputing] (this is a longer version of the beowulf item I posted) Years ago, I came to the conclusion that there was no personal supercomputing market after we tried with a deskside system … what I called a “muscular desktop” with a great deal of IO, […]

SC13 observations

From a post to the beowulf list: I didn’t get a chance to see many booths … I did get free the last hour of Thursday to wander, and made sure I got to see a few people and companies. What I observed (and please feel free to challenge/contradict/offer alternative interpretations/your own views) will definitely […]

SC13 finale

That was a wonderful show. People got to see what we were about, our new appliances, our performance. I see many possibilities. This is good. Some key takeaways: 1) We have the fastest densest systems in market. 2) Our usable performance far outpaces our nearest competitors configurations which are not in a reasonable config (hello […]