Finally have a customer information page talking directly to zoho crm

This took a bit, as the API is documented, but wasn’t quite working for some reason. But now we’ve linked our signup page to drop data directly into zoho.
This was made harder by the XML based API not working as documented. I posted a forum note, after searching on the forum for answers. Others had the same questions.
I built a simple testing code, and it didn’t work. Posted this to the forum. Nothing back.
I looked again today, and tried a variant I had tried before. Now it works.
I am guessing it was a backend issue, but I’ve seen no confirmation … or communication, of any sort, on this.
Our app is a bootstrap based system, with an object that handles all the remote communication with the CRM. It works, and if I clean it up some, I can abstract the entire API with it. I’ll see if I need to do this, as I just need portions of it right now.