SC13: Day 2 wrap up

Day 1 was incredible. Day 2 topped day 1 by a fair amount. I had realized yesterday that I had forgotten to put up our speedometer website which pulled data directly from the siFlash hardware on the real IO performance. I had this unit running hard, and the IO operations were moving quite well. So … Read moreSC13: Day 2 wrap up

An apology

When I mess up, I don’t normally do it in a small way. I jump in hard, head first. I made an assumption about something I did not have all the facts about today, and began to tear into someone whom did not deserve this treatment, after making him wait for me at our booth. … Read moreAn apology

SC13 day 1 wrap up

A good day at the booth. The talks were well attended, and speakers and their topics were interesting. Our partners in the booth: Kx, Veristorm, Basement Supercomputing, Sandisk, XtremeData, and Inktank are phenomenal. We announced many new products, all on display at our booth, and the partners working with us on these products were there … Read moreSC13 day 1 wrap up

Interesting article

I read this on Gigaom. In it, there is a claim of the densest storage on the market coming from Quanta, and a full rack of them would be about 3/4 ton (about 682 kg). Amazon uses a “special” design that comes in more than a ton according to the article. So I decided to … Read moreInteresting article

Legend … wait for it … dary!

This bit on 0mq’s forum … My favorite comment: Reminds me of some kind of spanish inquisition: NOBODY expects the ZeroMQ Inquisition! Our chief weapon is portability?portability and message framing?message framing and portability?. Our two weapons are portability and message framing?and queuing?. Our *three* weapons are portability, message framing, and queuing?.and super fast asynchronous I/O?. … Read moreLegend … wait for it … dary!

Broken APIs and other time wasters

So I spent the day trying to figure out why my simple form submission which then generated an XML output, and then a subsequent post to Zoho CRM, did not, in fact, work.
I was doing this without the Zoho code, just a description of their API. Its an older API, that much is obvious. You talk to it through XML. You post your XML. But you put parameters on the URI to control the post.
I reduced my problem down to a very simple test script, that perfectly illustrated the problem.

Read moreBroken APIs and other time wasters

SC13 T-14 days

We will be at booth 1919. Please do come by and say hello. We’ll have coffee/tea (I think), a number of machines, great partners with a number of demos, and hopefully some talks on big data analytics in Financial Services, Parallel high performance databases, massive key-value storage and processing, as well as a few other … Read moreSC13 T-14 days