SC13 day 1 wrap up

A good day at the booth. The talks were well attended, and speakers and their topics were interesting. Our partners in the booth: Kx, Veristorm, Basement Supercomputing, Sandisk, XtremeData, and Inktank are phenomenal.
We announced many new products, all on display at our booth, and the partners working with us on these products were there to talk about the applications.
What we didn’t show off were the speedometers measuring the performance live on the systems. My apologies over this, we’ll have them up and running tomorrow on the system(s). These are quite amazing, especially when you see one pegged above 30GB/s, for a single box, doing a great deal of uncached IO. That will be up, running, and I’ll see if I can have it switch between random IO and streaming IO.
I think its fair to say, without hesitation, that this is the fastest storage system in a 4U box (or less) in market right now. It runs kdb+ from Kx faster than everything else in market. And not by a little bit.
And its important to note that we have much more headroom on this platform. Come by to booth 1919 and I’ll explain what you might expect to see sometime next year from us.
All of our booths traffic is running through our siRouter SDN product. This is a terrific system with incredible density, designed to closely couple networking and computing. We have a router/firewall running in a VM, and are leveraging the SDN capabilities in Linux on the platform.
More later. Cmon by if you are there, and say hi!