SC13 finale

That was a wonderful show. People got to see what we were about, our new appliances, our performance. I see many possibilities. This is good.
Some key takeaways:
1) We have the fastest densest systems in market.
2) Our usable performance far outpaces our nearest competitors configurations which are not in a reasonable config (hello … 60+ raw JBOD? or RAID0 … seriously? And no one has challenged them on this?)
3) our partners rocked. Seriously rocked. There was a huge amount of interest in most of the appliances, though I did not talk up siRouter enough.
4) our appliances rocked. 3 big storage+computing appliances, 1 siRouter, 1 deskside hadoop box. zOMG! Everyone was asking about Ceph, and Hadoop, and big data analytics … noSQL, key value and document stores, parallel DBs and large scale time series. Our message seems to have gotten out.
5) My presentation sucked. No, seriously, it was horrible. I didn’t have time to work on it, and I was trying hard to get a point across on low latency in HPC. I don’t think I made it.
6) Beobash rocked.
7) we had a terrific team. Stuff got done. When it needed to.
I got to see many people I’ve known in past lives. Had a beer or two with them.
Some disappointing things (apart from my talk), but all in all it was awesome.