You can tell you are a little nuts if …

… you get really annoyed at the performance of grep on file IO (seriously folks? 32k or page size sized IO? What is this … 1992?) so you rewrite it in 20 minute in Perl, and increase the performance by 5-8x or so. If I get angry enough, I might just go all out, use […]

The most popular data analytics language

… appears to be R This is in line with what I’ve heard, though I thought SAS was comparable in primary or secondary tool usage. This said, its important to note that in this survey, we don’t see mention of Python. Working against this is that it is a small (1300-ish) self-selecting sample, and the […]

And the SC13 video from InsideHPC is up

As usual Rich and the team at InsideHPC have done a tremendous job. If you don’t know InsideHPC and its sibling, InsideBigData, I highly recommend both publications. They are on my go-to list as information sources/summaries. The video shows a well caffinated Joe, talking through our new products. The problem for us was there simply […]

The 60 second guide to big data by gogrid

The GoGrid folks have put together a nice marketing slide on big data, in the sense that they are explaining the features of it without explaining it, or how/where they fit. Its implied that they provide all you need for Big Data, but its their points along the way that make a great point for […]