The last straw for us for gluster

We’ve had customers migrating off of it for the past few years, as bugs have gone un-addressed, reports closed, and discussions cut off or ignored. Its costing us too much in support time and effort now. Its time to pull the plug. I like many things about gluster. Really I do. I’ve been a strong […]

Yay, latest Java update broke Supermicro remote console

JRE 7 u 51. Self signed Java console applet. Let the hilarity begin. I tried uploading our own cert and key to the unit. No luck. Its the applet the needs to be re-signed. This is the joyous message that awaits: Of course, the IPMIview tool sorta kinda works. Though its useless for remote support […]

An analytical takedown, gone awry

See here which is the response to the arvix article here. While the Facebook data scientists refer to their post as a debunking, using irrelevant metric (enrollment vs google rank? and the theory behind this is … what?), the paper points out something quite important. Social networking success has been largely ephermal, and not sustainable. […]

CentOS™ merges with Red Hat

See this page for more. Inclusive of this merging is a new set of requirements for using the word CentOS. Since we ship an updated and modified kernel, and we update and modify packages to reflect our needs, we are going to have to alter our “CentOS derived distribution” statement. Or switch to another distribution. […]

Blocking hacker probes

I honestly no longer even write a nice note to their ISP. I just tend to block the whole ISP from reaching our site(s). Its easier, and lower pain for us. Definitely saddens me that we have to do this, but I see enough probes in our logs that I have to. Viewed 77996 times […]