The last straw for us for gluster

We’ve had customers migrating off of it for the past few years, as bugs have gone un-addressed, reports closed, and discussions cut off or ignored. Its costing us too much in support time and effort now. Its time to pull the plug.
I like many things about gluster. Really I do. I’ve been a strong proponent of it long before it was cool to do so, as the design was in line with what I thought was needed to build scale out file systems. Our benchmarks, used at a customer site, were used by the gluster team prior to acquisition to point out what you could do with a well designed system. We weren’t given credit for them (and it annoyed us a bit), but such is life.
But, as I knew would happen, bugs come with software. I had hoped that they would be relatively minor annoyances, and once reported, would be eradicated.
This was not to be.
We’ve seen very long standing bugs that we’ve reported, be closed pre-acquisition, rear their ugly head, again and again at our customer sites. We’ve developed tools to help our customers find their data on the volumes when (not if) gluster loses site of the files. This was one of those bugs. We’ve watched customers systems become unstable and unusable with it, while we try to put out fires (figurative of course).
I think its time to say “we are done”. After a long set of debugging that, sadly, not surprisingly, pointed a finger at gluster over the last few days at a customer site, we are going to begin work on reaching out to our remaining 3 gluster users and work on converting them to something else.
The team is wonderful, the product concept is great. Its that we can lose files in a file system, or that gluster can crash in opaque ways, or that it sometimes won’t start up at all, and not tell you why, or that it doesn’t quite know how to use multiple NICs correctly, or that it doesn’t quite let you configure it by hand *and* use their CLI tool … All of these things, and many more … all the time/effort/resources we poured into it. Its time to cut the losses.
I like Jeff, AB, Hitesh, etc. They are good guys. Its that I can’t deal with the cost of these failures anymore. We’re out.

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