Yay, latest Java update broke Supermicro remote console

JRE 7 u 51. Self signed Java console applet.
Let the hilarity begin.
I tried uploading our own cert and key to the unit. No luck. Its the applet the needs to be re-signed.
This is the joyous message that awaits:

Of course, the IPMIview tool sorta kinda works. Though its useless for remote support ops. Doesn’t set off the signed issue. Mebbe they ignore signing?
Which is worse … the self signed cert, or the sign ignoring app.
Isn’t it time to just take java out behind the barn and put an end to our collective misery? Please?
FWIW: we have a nice completely HTML5 based ssh available for our customers to use on our systems. Beautiful code, highly recommended. Why can’t the good folks at SMC use this, as compared to their horrible java based VNC wrapper bits? Use browser based VNC is fine. Use Java to wrap this (or anything) … not so fine. Make our lives easier, expose the raw VNC and get out of the way. Please.

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