A must-read on HD selection

Henry could probably write far more in depth about this subject than he did. Regardless this is a must-read article. Now it is important to understand where you can use each technology, and Henry does a great job of explaining some of these. However, its important to note that as some of the file system […]


E: Couldn’t find these debs: pico dtrace Forgot what platform I was working on … Viewed 82104 times by 6384 viewers

Big blue blues?

I remember my two stints at IBM T.J. Watson very well … first as a summer student (college hire for summer), and then as an engineer after finishing undergraduate. It was a wonderful place. I really enjoyed it. Not simply computer nerd heaven, but physical scientist nerd heaven as well. IBM famously was the company […]

In 18 months …

… I’ll have hit 10 years of blogitude … bloggerisms … er … generation of large amounts of noise and heat, and hopefully at least a little light? Mebbe? Viewed 64336 times by 6429 viewers

Excellent article on Lucera’s financial cloud

… that the day job is building atop our siCloud platform. In the article (definitely read it!) there is an great discussion about what the fundamental differences are between what Lucera is aiming for and what more traditional commodity cloud vendors are focused upon. When it comes down to it, the difference is architecting for […]

Does fibre channel have a future?

Strange question. Its really a question about block storage in general than FC in particular, but I have a sense that FC may be the first to go down as it were. Ok … I’ve been looking up mechanisms to help customers in a media editing environment. Their preferred file system depends, to a degree, […]

The end of an era

Posted to the xfs list: SGI is stepping out of maintainer roles for xfs, xfsprogs, xfsdump, and xfstests. This removes me from the MAINTAINERS entry. Signed-off-by: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX — [SGI will continue to host oss.sgi.com as a repository for the XFS open source git trees, mailing list, and documentation as is provided today. And will also […]

Updates: been busy, but here are a few

We’ve sold our first Unison storage cloud to replace an Isilon unit for a bioinformatics core. Performance and density matter, and we have both. About to deploy next phase of cloud for one of our partners … Setting up an exciting trade show presence … Working on an extension of what we’ve been wanting to […]

The state of HPC tier 1 vendors

Much has been happening in the HPC tier 1 vendor space. Some of it has made the news, much has not. The TL;DR version: I believe that most of the tier 1 HPC capability may have been wiped out over the last few months. 1 tier 1 and a bunch of tier 2 are left. […]

Lyrical offspring

I can’t name her, at her request, but this is my progeny singing for her high school battle of the bands. They took second place. Fantastic job, offspring of mine! Viewed 68107 times by 6333 viewers