Big blue blues?

I remember my two stints at IBM T.J. Watson very well … first as a summer student (college hire for summer), and then as an engineer after finishing undergraduate. It was a wonderful place. I really enjoyed it. Not simply computer nerd heaven, but physical scientist nerd heaven as well.
IBM famously was the company that resisted layoffs and downsizing for a long time. But it eventually gave in, and was forced into RIF actions during their troubled times in the 1990’s and 2000’s.
T.J. Watson is a jewel at that company. Tremendous value, tremendous potential.
But it isn’t immune to RIFs. And from what I gather, some hit this week.
IMO they are a great company, with terrific people. Just fewer of them this week than last. This may be in part, why this happened.
T.J. Watson is still an incredible place. Hopefully it will continue to be a crown jewel differentiating IBM from others in the service space.