The end of an era

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SGI is stepping out of maintainer roles for xfs, xfsprogs, xfsdump, and
xfstests.  This removes me from the MAINTAINERS entry.
[SGI will continue to host as a repository for the XFS open
 source git trees, mailing list, and documentation as is provided today.
 And will also continue to participate in a less formal role.]
Thanks!  -Ben
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

SGI the original creator of xfs, almost 20 years ago, is removing itself from the pathway going forward.
This isn’t a reason to abandon xfs, which is arguably the best FS for Linux right now. This is depressing at some level, as SGI had a number of connections to tech from its previous incarnations, which have been slowly and surely been pushed out in one way or another.
SGI, it has been remarked, was a wonderful company to have been *from*.
But on the bright side, xfs stewardship is in good hands, though given how hard Red Hat fought against it in the past, with the occasional echo from people regurgitating the FUD they had spread about it, its at least … a little ironic … that they are the ones moving it forward …

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