HPC on Wall Street session on low latency cloud

See here for the program sheet. The session is here: HPC on Wall Street Flyer Description is this: Wall Street and the global financial markets are building low latency infrastructures for pro- cessing and timely response to information content in massive data flows. These big data flows require architectural design patterns at a macro- and […]

Arista files for IPO

From Dan Primak’s Term Sheet email Arista Networks Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif.-based provider of cloud networking solutions, has filed for a $200 million IPO. It plans to trade on the NYSE under ticker symbol ANET, with Morgan Stanley and Citigroup leading a 17-bank underwriter group. The company reports $42 million of net income on […]

Intel ditches own Hadoop distro in favor of Cloudera

Last year, Intel started building its own distro of Hadoop. Their argument was that they were optimizing it for their architecture (as compared to, say, ARM). Today came word (via InsideHPC.com) that they are switching to Cloudera. This makes perfect sense to me. Intel couldn’t really optimize Hadoop by compiler options to use new instruction […]

Free market forces at work, the way they should be

There’s a much publicized (in SV) trial going on over an oligarchic wage suppression scheme that was in force between a number of big players in SV. Apart from Facebook that is. Techcrunch has the details. What transpires when free market forces are allowed to work with their invisible hands unconstrained? Simple. And what happens […]

Staring into voids that stare back

I had mentioned this in my write up about our 10 year anniversary. This is not a path for all. Really for very few. Joining a startup is nothing ? NOTHING ? like placing your family?s financial livelihood and fiscal viability at risk. Anyone suggesting otherwise really doesn?t have a clue as to what risk […]

Good read on ageism in SV VCs

Oddly enough at the New Republic. Article is here. I was somewhat amused by the read, but some of it rung quite true. Its nice to hear of more of the signals one needs to read VC tea leaves. They never say no, but they do move goal posts, always outward, always away from you. […]

Unicode and python 64 bit build

[Update] I gave up on 2.7.x. Nothing I did made it work. I removed all the options apart from prefix for compilation of 3.4.0. That worked. Now onto building ipython, ijulia and other good things (SciPy stack). We will use 3.x going forward rather than try to remain compatible with 2.x. — Updating our tool […]


Ok, I am taking the leap. I’ve started working on the SIOS Inst system. Basically, after reviewing everything thats broken (and for that matter unfixable) in the anaconda, debian-installer, and other installation mechanisms, I’ve decided that for our purposes, the only way that we are going to get correct and reliable builds for stateful systems […]

HPC on Wall Street

Not only do we have a booth, but we are sponsoring a session on Low Latency Cloud and Big Data. Roosevelt Hotel in NYC on 7-April. See the site for more details. If you’d like to attend and need a pass, please contact me at the day job. Our partners Lucera, Inktank, and Pluribus Networks […]

Not so fast …

Well, after nearly a decade of hooplah over a realization of a quantum computer, an interesting study found that it was When one considers that research into quantum computers is carried out primarily because of the promise of hugely accelerated computing speeds, then another conclusion arrived at by the researchers is particularly significant, namely that […]