Which (computer) language to learn next?

Ok, I have as one of my professional goals, to learn a new computer language. I am at master level in several, proficient in others, and have working knowledge of a fair number. I’ve forgotten more than I care to admit about some (Fortran, Basic, C/C++, APL, x86 Assembler). The contenders for me should be […]

OT: AirBnB and their issues

Ok, this one is sad. Saw this linked off of hacker news. I am not sure if this is satirical, humorous, or real. It doesn’t quite matter though. We’ve used AirBnB twice now. And we have a firm policy, as a direct result of those very negative experiences, of never … ever … using it […]

Playing with several noSQL/document/tuple/time series DBs

We’ve been using MongoDB for a while for a number of things, internally, and thinking about using it for Tiburon as the restful interface. It has some nice aspects about it, but it also has some known issues for larger DBs. Considering what we want to do for some of our work, these larger DB […]

Retired Apache as web server

This has been a long time coming for me. I’ve been using Apache in one form or another since the 90’s. I’ve never found it easy to configure, and often ran into maddening bugs in the config files and how they interacted with the server itself. I’d taken a long time to evaluate the various […]

The resurrection of autoinst …

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away … I worked for this company named SGI. SGI machines and software were awesome … I had used them (R3k and R8k) for doing calculations for my thesis. Very very fast. But very hard to install/manage. In fact, brutally hard. This was not lost on […]

Good read on the faux-STEM shortages

Good post over at Math Blog. There is no short of STEM folks in the US, and hasn’t been for a long … long time. Any shortage of STEM folks would be well represented by a number of economic factors: 1) rapidly rising compensation rates (economic scarcity impacts upon costs of labor), 2) very short […]

Reality vs what one might like

Many years ago, I had this thought in my head that I wanted to be a physics professor. No, really. I went through all the motions. Undergrad BS, then MS and then PhD. While I was doing this, the Soviet Union collapsed. How was that fact related to my former desire to be a physics […]

Just created a new external dns on Digital Ocean

About 2 years ago, we had an issue with an internal server blowing up, taking data and config with it. I resolved to place some of our core infrastructure (external DNS, etc.) beyond our virtual boundaries, so we could maintain email/web presence in the event of a power or server issue. This has proven to […]

Our second(!) Unison FhGFS based unit

Burning in … Hammering on all disks, while computing pi, e, sqrt(2), … It is a thing of beauty … First one was an Isilon replacement. We seem to have many more of these in queue. Viewed 76247 times by 5572 viewers