Retired Apache as web server

This has been a long time coming for me. I’ve been using Apache in one form or another since the 90’s. I’ve never found it easy to configure, and often ran into maddening bugs in the config files and how they interacted with the server itself.
I’d taken a long time to evaluate the various alternatives. Lighttpd caught my fancy for a while, but I ran into similar problems with config. A few years ago, I started playing with nginx.
And that is what I’ve settled on. It just works. Its config is understandable. It is fast.
It doesn’t integrate PHP (which is a positive in my view), and forces you to proxy it somehow. Similarly, it does not include a native Perl. Which is also a positive in my view … I like to separate functions … keep it simple.
So I’d been working on tuning the day job infrastructure, and slowly eliminating Apache from there. I think we have a few minor dependencies on it, but all of them are back end proxied systems.
But the home server, the one you are reading this on, has been Apache based for 15-ish years.
Well, it had been Apache based. As of this afternoon it is no longer. The system is now significantly faster. I am still working on speeding up the database side of things, but that will take some replacement hardware, as this is an older system with no SSDs. Replacement system, when I build it, will eventually have a nice RAID10 SSD system for the DBs, as well as a fairly large storage space, lots of ram and many processor cores. That would be one of my home project development machines, so I need to host VMs and other things on it. Likely it will be another JackRabbit (yes, the one you are reading this on now, is a day job product), though I could likely make a strong argument to make it a siFlash.
Was a fun experience, need to clean up a few things. Overall the system is now more responsive. Let me know if you find anything missing …