Ok, I am taking the leap. I’ve started working on the SIOS Inst system. Basically, after reviewing everything thats broken (and for that matter unfixable) in the anaconda, debian-installer, and other installation mechanisms, I’ve decided that for our purposes, the only way that we are going to get correct and reliable builds for stateful systems is to forgo these systems advanced installation mechanisms. If we can skip the code entirely, we will. If not, we will do the absolute bare minimum required to bootstrap our code.
The other side benefit of this is that for stateless systems, given the modular nature of what I am building, we can simply omit the module that creates local boot/root partition state and loads the grub boot loader.
This will work for physical and virtual machines … stateful and stateless. Generate identical machines, driven by a configuration database, and some business logic. Similar to what I had done in the past with autoinst.
Starting to work on it. Hopefully something to show next week or the week after.