M&A: Inktank acquired by Red Hat

I am happy for Sage and team, this is a good exit. Obviously we didn’t know this was happening, but I guessed something like this a few weeks ago. Bigger picture: Open source technologies have been capturing mindshare from closed source object, file, and block for a while. This will serve to massively amplify this. […]

When ideology trumps pragmatic design

Real differentiation, adding real value to something, is often hard to do. Fundamental changes often take time, and are often incremental in scope, so they don’t break everything. That is, unless you are so completely convinced that your way is better, that you try to force the market in that direction. Sometimes these gambits work. […]

busy last two weeks, and lots of traveling next two weeks

We’ve been cranking out the products to ship to customers, and I’ve been fretting over tests, as usual. And I finished my initial pass at the automated installer. It builds our new Debian based systems very nicely, though there is still a little human interaction. Working on it. And it should work perfectly for all […]

Sometime things work far better than one might expect

The day job builds a storage product which integrates Ceph as the storage networking layer. What happened was, in idiomatic American English: We made very tasty lemonade out of very bitter lemons. For the rest of the world, this means we had a bad situation during our setup at the booth. 3 boxes of drives […]

Sometimes the right level of caffeination helps in work

I had an opportunity to review an old post I had written about playing with prime numbers. In it, I wrote out an explicit formula for a number, expressed as a product of primes. This goes to the definition of a composite or a prime number. Whats interesting is what leaps out at you when […]

Doing what we are passionate about

I am lucky. I fully admit this. There are people out there whom will tell you that its pure skill that they have been in business and been successful for a long time. Others will admit luck is part of it, but will again, pat themselves on the back for their intestinal fortitude. Few will […]