busy last two weeks, and lots of traveling next two weeks

We’ve been cranking out the products to ship to customers, and I’ve been fretting over tests, as usual. And I finished my initial pass at the automated installer. It builds our new Debian based systems very nicely, though there is still a little human interaction. Working on it. And it should work perfectly for all Ubuntu as well.
Have an install in Hollywood this week. New market for us, very interesting and it plays completely to our strengths. But part of it we can’t control, and that is Mac specific. I’ll talk about this in the next post.
We are going gangbusters with Unison, with orders from a few 10’s of TB through a 1.1 PB monster cranking out 40+ GB/s in a single rack.
I’ve got visits to NYC for the next two Monday’s, for two different events. Should be fun. And I’ve got our dojo’s karate tournament in 12 days.
Busy busy April.