M&A: Seagate acquires LSI’s flash and accelerated bits from Avago

I’ve been saying for a while that M&A is going to get more intense as companies gird for the battles ahead. I see component vendors looking at doing vertical integration … not necessarily to compete with their customers, but to offer them alternatives, reference designs, etc. and capture a portion of the higher margin businesses. […]

Massive, unapologetic, firepower: 2TB write in 73 seconds

A 1.2PB single mount point Scalable Informatics Unison system, running an MPI job (io-bm) that just dumps data as fast as the little Infiniband FDR network will allow. Our test case. Write 2TB (2x overall system memory) to disk, across 48 procs. No SSDs in the primary storage. This is just spinning rust, in a […]

Insanity in vendor distros

I am not sure if this is specific to SuSE (customer requirement, don’t ask), but there is some extreme … and I really, positively mean, EXTREME … boneheaded insanity in the dhcp stack in the initrd construction in SuSE. Something that doesn’t lend itself well, to, I dunno … CORRECT AUTOCONFIGURATION OF NETWORK PORTS IN […]

io-bm released

At long last, and yes, I can’t believe I let this slip for years … Its available here at our git site Viewed 160167 times by 10191 viewers

Our new look and feel

Day job website has been updated to something … modern. Hopefully nothing is broken … I think it looks great; the Dougs did a terrific job. Seriously, I wound up breaking DNS at the day job (by accident … really) yesterday, in order to try to rationalize something. Had to roll back our DNS servers […]