Our new look and feel

Day job website has been updated to something … modern. Hopefully nothing is broken … I think it looks great; the Dougs did a terrific job.
Seriously, I wound up breaking DNS at the day job (by accident … really) yesterday, in order to try to rationalize something. Had to roll back our DNS servers to an older code drop. That and I had to spin up a new dedicated mail/dns internal server. That wasn’t fun, but, hey, KVM makes this very easy. The lack of fun was the realization, that, yet again, popular distro’s packages are largely broken, and you need to build minimum viable VMs for services. So our smtp/dns target is running our appliance OS load (hey, go figure!), and I am slowly migrating away from the popular distro’s … as well as separating functions into VMs.
The beauty of the latter part of this is that I can spin kvm’s up everywhere. We’ll work on doing an import of these VMs into our OpenStack appliance. We eat our own dogfood, so you might get a sense of what’s coming down the road.

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