M&A: PLX snarfed by … Avago ?

Ok, didn’t see this acquirer coming, but PLX being bought … yeah, this makes sense. Avago looks like they are trying to become the glue between systems, whether the glue is a data storage fabric, or communications fabric, etc. PLX makes PCIe switches and other kit. PCIe switch and interconnection is the direction that many […]

M&A: SanDisk snarfs FusionIO for $1.1B USD

This is only the beginning folks … only the beginning. See this. FusionIO was, quite arguably, in trouble. They needed a buyer to take them to the next level, and to avoid being made completely irrelevant. SanDisk is a natural partner for them. They have the fab and chips, FusionIO has a product. SanDisk has […]

Selling inventory to clear space

[Update 16-June] We’ve sold the 64 bay FastPath Cadence (siFlash based) , and now we have a few more 60 bay hybrid Ceph and FhGFS units, as well as a 48 bay front mount siFlash. Whats coming in are many of our next gen 60 bay units, with a new backplane design, and we want […]