Selling inventory to clear space

[Update 16-June] We’ve sold the 64 bay FastPath Cadence (siFlash based) , and now we have a few more 60 bay hybrid Ceph and FhGFS units, as well as a 48 bay front mount siFlash.
Whats coming in are many of our next gen 60 bay units, with a new backplane design, and we want to start running benchmarks with them ASAP. As we have limited space in our facility, we gotta make hard choices …
Email me ( if you’d like more info on what we have left. New units due in next week or so from our manufacturer, so we need to clear these out!
I feel like Crazy Eddie right now …

Well, in the course of new product development and testing, sometimes you need to make space in the lab by selling the current kit.
We are selling our record setting unit, our Cadence system, easily the fastest in market server and storage in a 4U container. A few others as well, see below.
The reason is that the next generation machines are coming in, and we can’t reuse (as in move over) the existing SSDs or backplanes (6g vs next gen bits).
For those whom don’t remember, the Cadence is this unit (TSA-F4) we were showing off on the floor of SC13:

First come, first served, we need to clear the space quickly.
Other units we have in the lab we need to move out include a Unison Ceph system, and a 60 bay JackRabbit converged storage and computing unit.
Send an email to me (landman _AT_ scalableinformatics *DOT* com ) if you’d like to discuss.

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