Soon … 12g goodness in new chassis

This is one of our engineering prototypes that we had to clear space for. A couple of new features I’ll talk about soon, but you should know that these are 12g SAS machines (will do 6g SATA of course as well). Front of unit: Note the new logo/hand bar. The rails are also brand new, […]

Comcast disabled port 25 mail on our business account

We have a business account at home. I work enough from home that I can easily justify it. Fixed IP, and I run services, mostly to back up my office services. One of those services is SMTP. I’ve been running an SMTP server, complete with antispam/antivirus/… for years. Handles backup for some domains, but is […]

Fantastic lecture from Michael Crichton

This is Michael Crichton of Andromeda Strain, Jurassic park, and other stories. Fantastic story teller, he absolutely nails his subject. The original was on his website, and I grabbed a copy from here. One of the wonderful quotable paragraphs within is this: And so, in this elastic anything-goes world where science?or non-science?is the handmaiden of […]

But … GaAs is the material of the future … and always will be …

I read a note on IBM’s recent allocation of capital towards research projects. It had this tidbit in there: III-V technologies IBM researchers have demonstrated the world?s highest transconductance on a self-aligned III-V channel metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) field-effect transistors (FETs) device structure that is compatible with CMOS scaling. These materials and structural innovation are expected […]

Too simple to be wrong

I’ve been exercising my mad-programming skillz for a while on a variety of things. I got it in my head to port the benchmarks posted on to perl a while ago, so I’ve been working on this in the background for a few weeks. I also plan, at some point, to rewrite them in […]

OS and distro as a detail of a VM/container

An interesting debate came about on Beowulf list. Basically, someone asked if they could use Gentoo as a distro for building a cluster, after seeing a post from someone whom did something similar. The answer of course is “yes”, with the more detailed answer being that you use what you need to build the cluster […]

Scratching my head over a weird bonding issue

Trying to set up a channel bond into a 10GbE LAG. Set up bonding module, use the ‘miimon=200 mode=802.3ad’ options. The switch was sending LACP packets, 1/sec to the NICs. The NICs bond formed. But it didn’t seem to negotiate the LACP circuit correctly with the switch. The switch never registered it. I’ve not seen […]

New customers

We have a number of nice new customers that have been absorbing about all of my time for the last few weeks. This is goodness. One has our current generation FastPath Cadence SSD converged computing and storage system, and will be running kdb+ on it. Another has a 1PB Unison parallel file system, and while […]