New customers

We have a number of nice new customers that have been absorbing about all of my time for the last few weeks. This is goodness.
One has our current generation FastPath Cadence SSD converged computing and storage system, and will be running kdb+ on it.
Another has a 1PB Unison parallel file system, and while we did the previous 2TB write in 73 seconds with it, we did some tuning and tweaking and are down to 68 seconds. With no SSDs for the primary data storage path. Yes, our spinning rust boxes are, often as fast or faster than various competitors SSD boxen. You should see how fast our SSD arrays are.
Another has a brand new Unison storage target for genomics we helped set up today.
Others have a new DeltaV pair for media service.
Its been a busy month. A good month, but a busy one. Hopefully some coding time for me over the long holiday weekend.