Soon … 12g goodness in new chassis

This is one of our engineering prototypes that we had to clear space for. A couple of new features I’ll talk about soon, but you should know that these are 12g SAS machines (will do 6g SATA of course as well).

Front of unit:

Note the new logo/hand bar. The rails are also brand new, and are set to enable easy slide in/out even with 100+ lbs of disk in them.


We’ve aggregated the 15 backplanes into 5 physical units. Easier to install/manufacture, lower costs, tastes great, …
These are 12g ports, and the design is still our great direct-attached mechanism. This matters for performance, and we can always add in an expander as needed into our design outside of the backplane. Keeps costs down and performance way … way up.
Working on getting some 12g SSD goodness to do some testing. We’ve got early indicators of performance going, and yes, it is blowing our (collective) mind. This is a massive step forward past our current generation of siFlash in terms of raw performance, and that was easily the worlds fastest storage unit.
As I said … soon …