Definition of vacation

… appears to be normal working hours from a location that is not your office, home … I am supposed to be on vacation. A short one, as there are simply far too many things on my plate (notice my recent posting frequency?). Instead, I am trying to solve problems for customers, sign NDAs, handle […]

Have a nice cli for InfluxDB

I tried the nodejs version and … well … it was horrible. Basic things didn’t work. Made life very annoying. So, being a good engineering type, I wrote my own. It will be up on our site soon. Here’s an example ./ –host –user test –pass test –db metrics metrics> \list series .———————————-. | […]

Scalable Informatics 12 year anniversary

I had forgotten to mention, but we hit our 12 year mark on the 1st of August. We’ve grown from a small “garage” based company (really “basement-based” in Michigan, as garages aren’t heated in winter, nor cooled in summer here), with one guy doing consulting, cluster system builds, tuning, benchmarking, white paper writing … to […]

Time series databases and system metrics

I am working on updating our FastPath appliance web management/monitoring gui for the day job. Trying to push data into databases for later analysis. Many tools have been written on the collection side, statsd, fluentd, … and some are actually pretty cool. The concern for me is the way these tools express their analytical and […]

Comcast finally fixed their latency issue

This has been a point of contention for us for years. Our office has multiple network attachments, using Comcast is part of it. This is the main office, not the home office. Latency on the link, as measured by DNS pings, have always been fairly high, in the multiple 2-3ms region, as compared to our […]