Comcast finally fixed their latency issue

This has been a point of contention for us for years. Our office has multiple network attachments, using Comcast is part of it. This is the main office, not the home office.
Latency on the link, as measured by DNS pings, have always been fairly high, in the multiple 2-3ms region, as compared to our other connection (using a different provider and a different technology) which has been consistently, 0.5ms for the last 2 years.
I’ve got some nice long term logs of this, and I can clearly see that Comcast made some change a few weeks ago. Now our latency on the link is 0.3-0.4ms consistently.
No more of these bursts to 200ms+ causing our FW to redirect traffic out the slower but more stable link. Oh no … this one is fast and lower latency.
I’d love to get real GbE to the premises, but the cost is currently prohibitive, and it involves my paying for the providers to rip up the road to run a cable. Unless I use AT&T that is, whom already have a pipe under the road.