Scalable Informatics 12 year anniversary

I had forgotten to mention, but we hit our 12 year mark on the 1st of August. We’ve grown from a small “garage” based company (really “basement-based” in Michigan, as garages aren’t heated in winter, nor cooled in summer here), with one guy doing consulting, cluster system builds, tuning, benchmarking, white paper writing … to a 10 person outfit building the worlds fastest and densest tightly coupled storage and computing systems.
We’ve got a great team, terrific customers, and wonderful products that are second to none.
I’ll talk about this in a later post, but we are running 12th anniversary specials on a number of our products (JackRabbit, siFlash, Unison racks).
I’ll have a reflection post on what we’ve accomplished during our 12 years in business, and what you might see coming soon and in the longer view.

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