InfluxDB cli is up on github

I know there is a node version, and I did try it before I wrote my own. Actually, the reason I wrote my own was that I tried it and … well … Link is here. And yes, the readme is borked about 1/2 way through. Doesn’t quite show the formatting of the output quite […]

Time series databases for metrics part 2

So I’ve been working with influxdb for a while now, and have a working/credible cli for it. I’ll have to put it up on github soon. I am using it mostly as a graphite replacement, as its a compiled app versus a python code, and python isn’t terribly fast for this sort of work. We […]

An article on Detroit that is worth the read

Detroit had filed for bankruptcy protection a while ago. The rationale for this was simple, they simply did not have the cash flow to pay for all their liabilities. They had limited access to debt markets for a number of reasons, and they couldn’t keep cranking up the taxes on residents and businesses in the […]