The Haswells are (officially) out

Great article summarizing information about them here. Of course, everyone and their brother put out press releases indicating that they would be supporting them. Rather than add to that cacophony (ok, just a little: All Scalable Informatics platforms are available with Haswell architecture, more details including benchies … soon …) we figured we’d let it die down, as the meaningful information will come from real user cases.
Haswell is interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is 16 DPi/cycle, but fundamentally, its a more efficient/faster chip in many regards. The ring architecture may show some interesting artifacts in high memory contention codes, so we might see a number of cases where lower core count (MCC) variants are faster at certain codes than the high core count (HCC) units.
DDR4 is welcome as a change, and the 2133 LRDIMMs should be the DIMM of choice for most use cases.
Haswell should provide a serious uptick to siFlash performormance, which is, as we occasionally remind people, the fastest single converged server storage device in market, and not by a little bit. It will also give DeltaV a serious kick forward. Couple the faster processing with the massive 12g data rail guns we have …
Yeah, this should be an interesting next few months 😀

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